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Founded by Hamzah in 2012, we go way back, earning more than 5000 visitors from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei as we head the Melbourne Muslim travel industry. As a boutique travel business, we want to give the best for you and in doing so, we serve you on a first come first serve basis.


We are Xplorevic, a Melbourne based travel designer and tour based operator catered to a niche market, specifically Muslim travellers who wished to travel the Muslim-friendly way. We provide you with an inclusive travelling experience mainly in Melbourne, selected states across Australia and New Zealand. We too offer a range of carefully crafted itineraries and provide you with free range to customise your experience to suit your needs.


So why travel with us? The answer is simple. Your experience is our priority. We might not be the cheapest but we promise to be the best for what it’s worth.


Our services are designed to enable Muslim travellers to explore Melbourne and its vicinity with peace of mind. The in-depth understanding of the lifestyle, behaviour and specific needs of the Muslims has enable Xplorevic to effectively appeal to the hearts and minds of the Muslim travellers.


This is where we start. Your enquiries will get us excited to assist and advise the planning. Based on your details and descriptions, our designer team will draft an itinerary proposal to meet your expectation. The proposal can be amended until both parties come to an agreement.


Once the proposal has been agreed, our operation team will work on all the necessary arrangements which include the accommodation (4 to 5 star rating), transportation, and all the related bookings. We will plan as agreed, but it doesn’t mean you have to stick with it. Our itinerary is flexible and we can always play around with it.


Travel partner is our way of saying; “You will never travel alone”. Our team will guide you from the moment you engage the service with us, until your holiday is completed. Travel partner is your designated driver, your tour guide, and the person you can rely on to look after your kids.

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